We wish you all Happy Holidays — whatever religion, philosophy or owner’s manual you are following — whatever rocks your boat :

Hopefully you have some time off and spent it with your loved ones.

At the same time we are sending out krypton flashes of hope and empathy around the globe. It’s frightening how tolerance and open mindedness have become ‘uncool’ virtues, it is incomprehensible how Neo-fascim and sexism have become acceptable in our societies (again!) and it is worrisome where all this ignorance and hate towards anyone and anything ‘different from my own bathroom carpet’ is leading to.

In 2017 we will continue producing music for everyone, with everyone, we will enrich our compositions and our playing with elements from all cultures around the world as we always have, and we will embrace the happiness and gratification we will receive from doing so  –  and pass it on to you. Because that is what art is for.

Yours sincerely