CRISTO nominated at this year’s BAFTA Craft Awards for NATIONAL TREASURE

We are insanely happy and honoured that Cristo got recognized by the British Academy for Film and Television!

Team NATIONAL TREASURE is up for 4 awards at this year’s craft awards: Marc Munden (best director / fiction), Luke Dunkley (editing / fiction), Ole Birkeland (photography & lighting, fiction) and Cristo for best original music!

Congrats to everybody!!

National Treasure crowned at last night’s RTS awards, UK

The annual awards of the Royal Television Society, whose members include the crème de la crème of British television executives, have crowned the drama National Treasure as best miniseries last night in London. Another win for NT: Robbie Coltrane has won the award for best male actor ! Besides, co-star Julie Walters was honoured with a lifetime achievement award.

Congrats all!! 🙂

US folks: Watch National Treasure on HULU starting 1st of March

IndieWire, Feb 28th, 2017

Hulu released an exclusive clip from its upcoming miniseries “National Treasure,” a show revolving around a famed comedic performer, played by Robbie Coltrane (“Harry Potter“), whose life is turned upside down when he is accused of a sexual abuse scandal. Two-time Oscar nominee Julie Walters(“Brooklyn“) also stars in the series as Coltrane’s wife, while Andrea Riseborough (“Birdman“) plays their daughter. Hulu has also unveiled a dramatic new poster for the series.

The clip, titled “The Search,” comes from the show’s first episode and reveals an intense and intimate conversation between Coltrane and Walters. Paul Finchley (Coltrane) has already been swept up in the scandal, while his wife is starting to feel the pressure alongside her husband. The scene promises stellar performance from the two actors, and adds a layer of mystery as to whether or not Finchley can be trusted.

Coltrane and Walters both starred together in the “Harry Potter” franchise, known for their lovable roles as Hagrid and Molly Weasley, respectively. This series serves as a departure from those roles, but the subject matter is as timely as ever, and the show certainly has the potential to deliver a compelling narrative.

All four of the show’s episodes are set to debut on March 1, which were directed by Marc Munden (“Utopia”) and written by Jack Thorne (“The Last Panthers,” “Glue”). Watch the clip below to get a taste of the series.

Award winning National Treasure OST out February 14th

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we proudly announce the release of Cristo’s long awaited album, the original soundtrack to the compelling and critically acclaimed 4-part drama NATIONAL TREASURE !

On February 14th you will be able to buy the 29 track digital record on every major platform world wide.

not sure what we mean? e.g. here on iTunes 🙂


Cristo wins Golden Fipa ’17, best original score for National Treasure!!

We are incredibly happy and honoured to announce that the jury at the Film Festival in Biarritz has awarded Cristo with a Golden Fipa for his work on National Treasure! Jack Thorne, the script writer of the the 4-part drama was also awarded! Yeeha!

Congrats and big thanks to Marc Munden – always!


Best debut by a British writer, director or producer

The Girl With All the Gifts – Mike Carey (writer), Camille Gatin (producer) 
The Hard Stop – George Amponsah (writer/director/producer), Dionne Walker (writer/producer)
Notes on Blindness – Peter Middleton (writer/director/producer), James Spinney (writer/director), Jo-Jo Ellison (producer)
The Pass – John Donnelly (writer), Ben A Williams (director)
Under the Shadow – Babak Anvari (writer/director), Emily Leo, Oliver Roskill, Lucan Toh (producers)

Fingers crossed!

4/4* review for Rachel’s album PENSAMIENTO in All About Jazz !

All of the compositions presented here are originals, her sense of melody and harmony layered upon a complex percussive foundation, portraying a musician of extraordinary caliber. It not only takes talent to accomplish a production like this, it also requires a lot of courage and confidence to pull it off. Rather than blending her jazz inclinations into provincial modes, she became immersed in the music, losing herself, becoming an intricate part of the experience.

James Nadal, All About Jazz. Jan 7th, 2017,  read the full article here


We wish you all Happy Holidays — whatever religion, philosophy or owner’s manual you are following — whatever rocks your boat :

Hopefully you have some time off and spent it with your loved ones.

At the same time we are sending out krypton flashes of hope and empathy around the globe. It’s frightening how tolerance and open mindedness have become ‘uncool’ virtues, it is incomprehensible how Neo-fascim and sexism have become acceptable in our societies (again!) and it is worrisome where all this ignorance and hate towards anyone and anything ‘different from my own bathroom carpet’ is leading to.

In 2017 we will continue producing music for everyone, with everyone, we will enrich our compositions and our playing with elements from all cultures around the world as we always have, and we will embrace the happiness and gratification we will receive from doing so  –  and pass it on to you. Because that is what art is for.

Yours sincerely