Scorn #1, review by Ryan Midnight


“…To provide the art for the story, Moyers turned to artist Philipp Neundorf. Neundorf has had a rich past in providing comic book art, pinups, covers, and graphic designing. The proper art can provide an important and vital visual look into the state of being in stories that revolve around the emotional core of a single character. Here, Neundorf’s rough and chaotic artwork easily conveys what is jumbled up and shaking around in Michael’s head. His sepia color palate provides a weathered and yellowed look, like a very old photo or letter, hinting at Michael’s inability to escape the past. The splattering of bright red, which is a disturbingly ugly kick to the eyes and very in-the-moment against the past tense sepia tones, is the only solid color Neundorf uses. Neundorf also makes an interesting choice to type out sounds rather than draw them. The sound of gunfire is simply typed out “b-a-n-g” on top of the art. It is a very cold and clinical approach to the aural surroundings of Michael….” Read the article here

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