Scorn #2 Rage – published by Septagon Studios

I was taken primarily by the book s conceptually low-key angle on an otherwise overblown genre (that of the street-side vigilante). It held a nondescript, uncomplicated execution, though was enhanced by unexpectedly fantastical art by the stellar Philipp Neundorf, his style the broken-hearted result of a doomed romance between the dadaism of Dave McKean and the horror-laced expressionism of Bill Sienkiewicz. What hooked me was a desire to see where Scorn eventually led to, after its beginnings, how the remaining three issues of the mini would play out, as the story, while a classic, left little in the way of obvious genre earmarks. There was a man out for revenge, and a cast of miserable, disenfranchised characters surrounding him, but how would its odd sensibilities translate in overall plot? –David Baxter (Broken