US folks: Watch National Treasure on HULU starting 1st of March


IndieWire, Feb 28th, 2017

Hulu released an exclusive clip from its upcoming miniseries “National Treasure,” a show revolving around a famed comedic performer, played by Robbie Coltrane (“Harry Potter“), whose life is turned upside down when he is accused of a sexual abuse scandal. Two-time Oscar nominee Julie Walters(“Brooklyn“) also stars in the series as Coltrane’s wife, while Andrea Riseborough (“Birdman“) plays their daughter. Hulu has also unveiled a dramatic new poster for the series.

The clip, titled “The Search,” comes from the show’s first episode and reveals an intense and intimate conversation between Coltrane and Walters. Paul Finchley (Coltrane) has already been swept up in the scandal, while his wife is starting to feel the pressure alongside her husband. The scene promises stellar performance from the two actors, and adds a layer of mystery as to whether or not Finchley can be trusted.

Coltrane and Walters both starred together in the “Harry Potter” franchise, known for their lovable roles as Hagrid and Molly Weasley, respectively. This series serves as a departure from those roles, but the subject matter is as timely as ever, and the show certainly has the potential to deliver a compelling narrative.

All four of the show’s episodes are set to debut on March 1, which were directed by Marc Munden (“Utopia”) and written by Jack Thorne (“The Last Panthers,” “Glue”). Watch the clip below to get a taste of the series.

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