Philipp Salvador Neundorf

comic-strip artist, digital and graphic art, painter, photographer and cryptographic poet


Ok, it’s true, Philipp was born somewhere in Bavaria, but we try not to hold it against him (too often…).He grew up in Berlin though and spent a few years in Scotland before moving to Frankfurt a.M..

During his career he has encountered all types of topics, people and media that one could think of. Hired by top-models and truck drivers, having fine art exhibitions, publishing comics or illustrating CD covers, Philipp developed a varied yet distinctive style.
He has been busy drawing, painting, sculpting and taking loads of pictures all his life.

He loves to design CD-covers and has done an especially nice one in 2005 (namely ours!)
“The Spider in Charlie’s box” that comes with a full comic book.

You may notice that he inserts pictures into some of his drawings/paintings what makes for a complex collage. Take your time when looking at those to savour the Da Vinci code effect.

Some of his publications include:

“Prince Charming” – (U.S.; Caleb Monroe, Cryptic Magazine)
“Carnivore Adore” – (U.S.; Carnopolis)
“Winter War” – (U.S. ; Kurt Belcher, SPX)
“Runes of Ragnan” – (U.S.; Ty Gorton, Shadowline/Image)
Scorn” – (CAN-U.S.; Kevin Moyers, Septagon Studios)
“Wir hatten ein gutes Leben” – (GER; Südost-Gallerie)
Trench Coats, Cigarettes & Shotguns” – (U.S.; Chuck Brown, 803 Studios)
Ich hab die Unschuld Kotzen sehen” – (GER; Unsichtbar Verlag)
DCLXVI – Christmas Tale” – (GER; INKplosion)
DCLXVI – Action” – (RenderWRX Productions)

Selection of Exhibitions:

2001 – “Gizeh”; Galerie Brot und Spiele, Berlin
2002 – “Pink Pulp Portraits”, Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin
2004 – “DCLXVI”, Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin
2005 – “G6-Force”, Club der Polnischen Versager, Berlin
2006 – “DCLXVI – Making off…”, Galerie Grober Unfug, Berlin


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