“Music is one of the biggest stars of WHITE LOTUS Season 2” – Variety. More press selections below:


One part of the show that’s been a standout since its premiere has been its score…For this new, self-contained story, it makes sense to also update the show’s score, and so Tapia de Veer and his longtime collaborator, Kim Neundorf, set out to put a new spin on the old music.


Tapia de Veer and Neundorf relished using vocal manipulations that sound slightly more operatic to make the Season 2 score a unique variation on the show’s familiar themes. 


The theme song for season two of The White Lotus has become a surprise festival anthem. For weeks, social media users have been sharing footage of the theme song playing in festivals and clubs, with revellers appearing more than pleased to hear it.


The White Lotus theme song, titled “Renaissance,” only clocks in at a little over 90 seconds, but it’s had a very big impact online — and, evidently, in dance clubs — where it has swiftly taken on a life of its own. On TikTok, in particular, the song is frequently used as background audio and has been the subject of multiple videos and memes…


The Killers opened this week’s stadium show with the TV series’ song, which has become a DJ staple at festivals and clubs – and a ‘cherry on top’ for its composer. “It was such a joyous moment,” says Paul Kearney, who was in the crowd when the theme song played. “There was a collective lighting up of the eyes from pleasant surprise, and the energy was palpable. “Streams of people came rushing down to join in once they heard it … [we] danced with our hands in the air.”

The Guardian

This revamped version has caught the attention of fans of the show, with one Tweeting: “I can hear God when the beat drops.”


The White Lotus Theme Song Is an Absolute Banger. It is the only music worth listening to right now.

The Cut

Music Is One of the Biggest Stars of ‘White Lotus’ Season 2. “It’s not like background music,” Emmy-winning composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer says, ahead of episode four. “The way they’re using the music is that they’re really pushing the music as if it was another character in the show.”


Why you can’t skip The White Lotus intro banger… The theme tune to Michael White’s drama is a TikTok sensation. We asked a professor to break it down.


To the unsettling strains of Cristobal Tapia de Veer’s haunting theme tune a camera dances around a beautiful fresco where fountains spurt sexually, nudes frolic covertly and birds fight to the death.

The Times

The White Lotus season two intro music absolutely slaps. Seriously, woo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo hasn’t stopped whirring around the internet’s collective brain for the last four weeks since the show returned.

The Tab

This time around, the opening sequence establishes a new vibe: an operatic melody set over tranquil scenes from Baroque Italian frescoes that morphs into a remixed version of the melody from the first season — complete with a Eurodance-style beat drop — and scenes of debauchery. It’s all in line with the new season’s fascination with American fantasies about Italy, which are tinged with jealousy, horniness, and violence. 


But the most popular character, it seems, is the music that accompanies the opening credits. They’re the only TV credits Gen Z won’t skip, and it’s all thanks to a party anthem written in the woods

The Sunday Times

A sense of the weird and the wrong guides the development of the score, too. – “We went for something a little more dramatic, maybe, because it’s anticipating how things might be going towards the end of the show,” composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer told IndieWire. All of a sudden we’re left in the credits with some kind of mysterious vibe of what might happen.” The goal with these moments for Tapia de Veer and co-composer Kim Neundorf was to create cues that felt very dark but also sensual, unfolding slowly but getting ever more operatic.


Given its somewhat outrageous contentsWhite Lotus has been meme fodder throughout all of Season 2, although there’s one that I can’t get enough of. Namely, recognizable clips of people dancing with the theme song edited over them. The White Lotus theme sequence was universally embraced when the show’s premiere season aired on HBO back in the summer of 2021. Fans were hyped to see it back for Season 2, which included an alternate version and a sick dance beat. And every Sunday when new episodes roll around, memes around the song start circulating on Twitter.