Winner of 3 PRIX GÉMEAUX for

Best Original Score (2016, 2014) and Best Musical Theme (2014)

awarded by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television

(for an outstanding total of 11 wins! amongst others best writing: François Létourneau & Jean-François Rivard, best direction: Jean-François Rivard)

“This comes courtesy of François Létourneau and Jean-François Rivard, the same writers behind Les Invincibles, one of the most  acclaimed series on Quebec TV over the past decade. This time ’round, the comic-drama focuses on two TV scribes, Denis (Létourneau) and Patrick (Vincent-Guillaume Otis), who’ve penned a cheesy crime-legal drama La loi de la justice, which has turned it into a bit of a hit.

But the critics have just savaged the show. In spite of the bad reviews, the network wants a second season and that sends our two anti-heroes into an existential crisis. They decide they have to make the writing more real…by living it. So by episode two, they’re trying their hardest to get arrested by the cops, in a totally-hilarious scene at a local massage parlour.

It has some of the quirky humour of Les invincibles and, in fact, both main characters are just the sort of mopey, angst-ridden males that made the first series so appealing for so many (and irritating for others). It’s also often very, very funny. There is a real complicity between Létourneau and Otis and they get help from a terrific supporting cast, notably Guy Nadon as a B-rate actor and Édith Cochrane as Denis’s wife.

In the U.S., this kind of edgy fare plays on cable networks like HBO and it’s intriguing that one of the two big generalist local networks has no trouble counting on this as one of its marquee prime-time dramas. Only in Quebec.” (text: The Gazette, Brendan Kelly)

La nouvelle série de François Létourneau et Jean-François Rivard (créateurs de “Les Invincibles”), une comédie dramatique en diffusion sur Radio-Canada des le 13 janvier 2014.

“Série noire raconte l’histoire de Denis Rouleau (François Létourneau) et de Patrick Bouchard (Vincent Guillaume-Otis), deux scénaristes dont la série télévisée, La loi de la justice, a reçu de fort mauvaises critiques. Pour se donner de l’inspiration afin d’écrire une deuxième saison, le duo se met en danger pour vivre des situations folles, fertiles en rebondissements.” (text: Radio-Canada)

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