composer, arranger, music producer, multi-instrumentalist

composer, arranger, music producer, multi-instrumentalist

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A little while ago someone posted a comment on Cristo’s message board: “Where have you been hiding”?
Indeed an interesting question.

Let us take a closer look at the multiple award-winning Chilean multi-intrumentist, who composed stellar music scores like the cult tv series’ UTOPIA (Channel 4, UK), HUMANS (AMC, US) and SÉRIE NOIRE (CBC-ICI, Canada) –  the sci-fi thriller THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS (Warner Bros.) or ravishing TV-mini-series like NATIONAL TREASURE (Channel 4, UK), the BBC ONE dramas JAMAICA INN and the THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE; who toured across the continents and won a no.1 hit with his early Band “One Ton” (Warner Music), who wrote the music for the million selling Ubisoft computer game “Shaun White”, who produced, arranged, mixed and mastered plenty of albums in the “Québecois” music scene.

One actually never “sees” him, meeting him seems almost impossible. He compares well to the Yeti myth – so one should consider himself lucky, if he ever gets a glimpse…

In fact Cristo is not hiding at all, he is just keeping himself busy.

Always on the lookout for a new sound, a new technique, a new way of giving “things” a new tone; experimenting, researching, listening, comparing and studying the latest developments in music – he just ain’t got the time for much else.

His devotion for music started at a very young age.
Where money was short, imagination and creativity were essential talents: he produced his own drum kit and invented his own percussions.
Many years later he should finish his Master in Music in Classical Music (specialization in Percussion – with a Prize for excellent performance). Although playing Schönberg, Stravinsky, Mozart and friends in an orchestra, Cristo shouldn’t stay for too long in the serious music world…

Like many musicians he started to produce demo tapes and avant-gardistic soundscapes with a 4-track recorder.
With the only difference that he took these recording experiences to a very high and professional level.
He should become a music producer and open his own recording studio in Montréal, where he produced plenty of records for the local music scene.

His true passion though, was writing music for the screen…

When Cristo works on a movie he gets totally absorbed by it. This procedure allows him to translate the images into music. He puts his whole energy in finding the perfect tone and vibe for each scene. He is not afraid of trying uncommon techniques or harmonies. Still, his music underlines every feature, every little movement. Scenes become more intense, more comprehensive.

That’s what the jury of the Royal Television Society (UK) had to say about Cristo’s Utopia score, when they awarded him in the Best Original Score category in 2013:

Startlingly original scoring of hyper-reality, and unlike anything we’ve heard before. The winner’s work blurred the lines between sound design and score, creating a soundtrack that the jury said felt like it was being played inside your head.


  • Winner SOCAN International Achievement Award 2017
  • Winner BAFTA TV Craft Awards 2017 (UK): Best Original Music (National Treasure)
  • Winner Golden FIPA Biarritz 2017 (FR): Best Original Music (National Treasure)
  • Winner 24e Festival de Gérardmer 2017 (FR): Best Original Score (The Girl with all the Gifts)
  • Winner Prix Gémeaux 2016 (CA): Best Original Score (Série Noire II)
  • Winner Music & Sound Awards 2015 (UK): Best Original TV Score (Utopia II)
  • Winner Prix Gémeaux 2014 (CA): Best Original Score (Série Noire I)
  • Winner Prix Gémeaux 2014 (CA): Best Theme Music (Série Noire I)
  • Winner RTS Craft & Design Awards 2013 (UK): Best Original Score (Utopia I)
  • Winner SOCAN Dance Music Award 2003 (CA) (One Ton)
  • Nominee RTS Craft & Design Awards 2014 (UK): Best Original Score (Utopia II)
  • Runner Up Televisual Bulldog Awards 2014 (UK): Best Original Score (Utopia I)
  • Nominee Televisual Bulldog Awards 2015 (UK): Best Original Score (Utopia II)

List of directors Cristo had the pleasure working with (in alphabetical order):

Collaborations as arranger and co-composer include: