‘Humans’ Season 1 soundtrack album review: Wistful, exhilarating and terrifying, 4/5 stars

Utopia series 1 soundtrack review by Rob Smedley, United Kingdom

Is there such a thing as melancholic electronica? ‘Melanctonica’?

If there isn’t already then Cristobal Tapia de Veer just invented it with the soundtrack to Channel 4’s huge summer hit, Humans (ahh, remember when we were all sweating Pimms and wondering what Colin Morgan’s character Leo was?).

And if you watched the show or were a fan of his previous work on Utopia, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Or rather you’ll know that your ears will have no idea what to expect.

After all, this is a man who, in the past, has used dried rhino turd and human bones to create… well, just calling it music doesn’t quite cover the experience. His work on Channel 4’s Utopia was as close to an aurally-administered psychotropic as you’re ever likely to get, with moments on his Season 2 soundtrack where, listening through headphones, you could almost taste the music.

And with the soundtrack to the first season of Humans that hasn’t changed. It’s a 3D soundscape. A beautiful, unsettling, pupil-dilating topography of electronica. Not a single rhino turd to be heard (as far as we know). Read the full article here

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