The White Lotus starts on July 11th – HBO


Stick with it for the performances, for the golden-hued Hawaii visuals, because de Veer’s music takes hold and doesn’t let go, and for the flagellation of that part of yourself that deserves a good mocking.

For all of the soapy misadventures in the foreground — driven by the spectacularly percussive and primal score from Cristobal Tapia de Veer — lingering in the background is the Enlightened-esque quandary of what it takes to be happy if simply being rich is no longer enough.

 The Hollywood Reporter

The White Lotus hotel, an anxious claustrophobia quickly sets in. To the tune of Cristobal Tapia de Veer’s unsettling score, White’s swooping camera frequently plunges in and out of the crashing ocean to settle on someone slowly splintering under the pressure of keeping themselves together. In these moments, it’s hard not to feel a swell of seasick sympathy, disgust or dread for what’s yet to come.